This software is distributed as-is, with its complete source code. Part of it has been reused from libraries available on the Web. The copyright have been kept at the beginning of the corresponding files.

You may download, modify and distribute this software as you want as long as you keep the original copyright notes and you distribute your version of this software as Open Source.


java -jar dtd2java.jar
Usage: <DTD2Java> [OPTION]… [DTDNAME[.dtd]]
Run DTD2Java on DTDNAME, usually creating a parser DTDNAME.jj and Java
classes corresponding to the elements of the input DTD.

If no arguments nor options are specified, prompt for input.

-d --output-directory <directory> specify where to place generated files.
Default is current directory
-e --example <file> create an example (<file>.java) on how
using the generated grammar and classes.
-m --makefile create a Makefile for all generated files
--no-save do not generate method save for classes
-o <file> place the output parser into <file>
-O --optimize optimize generated classes by inlining
PCDATA-only elements
-p --package-name <package> make generated files be part of package
<package>. Default is none
-P --parser-class <name> name the class XML parser be <name>.
Default is ’XMLParser’
-v --verbose explain what is being done
--help display this help and exit
--version output version information and exit