Connect TYPO3 to Mantis

A new extension is available on TER:  Mantis Connector.

With this extension, you may easily create issues in your  Mantis bug tracker from your own TYPO3 website!

The extension comes with a connector for Powermail. This allows you to create a Powermail form and use it as data input for the issue creation:

The extension lets you map Powermail fields the way you want using pure TypoScript. For example, you may want to take first 40 characters of the problem as subject for the Mantis issue and prepend name and email of the TYPO3 reporter in the description itself (as the reporter is unlikely to have a Mantis account, you cannot map it to the real reporter field in Mantis but if this would be the case, you could of course):

connectors.powermail {
	summary.cObject = TEXT
	summary.cObject {
		field = uid1
		crop = 40 | ... | 1
	description.cObject = COA
	description.cObject {
			# Name of the reporter
		10 = TEXT
		10.field = uid2
		10.noTrimWrap = |Name: ||
			# New line
		20 = TEXT
		20.char = 10
			# Email of the reporter
		30 = TEXT
		30.field = uid3
		30.noTrimWrap = |Email: ||
			# New lines
		40 < .20
		50 < .20
			# Problem description
		60 = TEXT
		60.field = uid1

Now, when a user reports a problem within your Powermail form, a Mantis issue is automatically created:

Of course, if you prefer using another connector (e.g., the standard FORM from TYPO3 or your own extension), this is as simple as choosing another connector:

This extension, unlike others in TER, does not directly manipulate the Mantis database. Instead, it uses the official SOAP API to interoperate with the Mantis bug tracker.

 Full documentation is available as HTML and OpenOffice document.