MIPS Assembler and Simulator

MIPS Assembler and Simulator is a tool for converting MIPS assembly code into MIPS machine code in either hexadecimal or binary output format. Simulation of the execution is also allowed, as seen in the course “Computer Architecture”.

It’s been a very exciting and enriching experience to follow the development of the MIPS Assembler. It’s aimed not only to provide an assembly compiler for the MIPS, but also to help students understand the underlining architecture.

Xavier Perseguers has brought the power of several tools into one easy to use and consistent interface. I’m convinced that a lot of students will be grateful to his work, as they will discover the new dimension of assembly programming and computer design.

 Alok Menghrajani, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

I have begun to use the MIPS Assembler since few weeks for my course assignments at IIT Delhi. While using the Assembler I found it was a complete tool for decently advanced MIPS programming. With the syntax checking option also included and the color coding of the assembly language it was fairly easy to debug the programs written. The insert options to include assembly of high level programming constructs was really good. I shall be using it for the present semester too so I shall be grateful if you would update me when the next version will be available.


 Gaurav Bhatnagar, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi